So today, at work, we laughed at this Thor joke.

Hou-Thor (A lot of Thor)

So my colleague got excited and made his own version.

Little did we know, this went viral, literally viral.

And another colleague of mine started making one too.

And we got so excited we didn't stop.

Then I made this:

Ja-Thor in  BM is Jatuh = Fall down.

And the rest was history. Laughing so hard when I read what people comment.

Then we decided that, it's time to stop, as a number of people were quite annoyed.
So, I see you THORMORROW!

Pictures are posted here if you like to share! :D

Do you think it's lame and annoying? :(


/shoots self

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  1. Viral and famous! haha Nice one btw.

  2. It is definitely lame but not annoyings. No worries! Hahaha I aso like the pakthor one

  3. Ahahah. It's funny though. The next one would be the Hulk?

  4. Just so you know, this post made my tea burst out of my nose. Serious shit this is just hilarious!

  5. *dies of laughing* XDD poor thor ~

    this is ingenious :D :D

  7. hahahahahahahah! i was laughing like crazy when i saw it on fb. xD

  8. Seriously Funny...hahaha :D thanks for sharing.. I just share it at G+...:)

  9. Really funny! With a taste of Malaysia :D

    I'm sharing these on my blog ;)

  10. Wow... I think you've just created a worldwide trend leh...

    I didn't know all these Thor jokes orginated from you! :)


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