My First Animation for Digicon6: I Nearly Died

As I do not have design background, I totally have 0 knowledge in animation. Although in the past, I tried making animations for contests such as this, this and this.

It was a tough battle. I only had 10 days to do it.

And I think I have emerged victorious!

Here is the final product tadahhhh!

Drew so many frames I nearly died and gave up. D:

Do you think this is good enough to join Digicon6? (I don't think so actually.) 

This is open to anyone who are interested to join the competition, and Malaysia's winner will get cash prizes and get to represent Malaysia in Japan's TBS Digicon6!

Imagine the glory huh? And we get to eat ALL the sushi and sashimi that we want! :D

I myself is not sure if this can cut it, but if you can, please do join and make Malaysia proud! :D

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  1. It's cute! Haha not sure if it's Digicon material(cause I never even heard of it!) but you will never know what the judges are looking for. *cross fingers*:D

    And haha yea, I did once short animation. Almost vomited blood and flowers. Summore my character was moving and stuff...only40 seconds but doing it felt forever!

  2. I feel you cheechingy. An animation can tear apart you really badly.

  3. I see spongebob, patrick, simpsons! PIKACHU!!! lol... so many... :D LOL, I watched till it's finished. SO IT'S GOOD STUFF. hahahaha...

  4. The rabbit... is in the end! :D
    Well, you've tried your best. :)

  5. msbulat:
    Haha I don't think it is. How long was your video? :D

    :'( :'(

    Heee thank youuuuuuu!

    Hoho! Thanks ya! I almost ran out of things to draw actually.


  6. Wow... that really is A LOT of drawings you had to create. Haha.

    I've also started drawing my own illustrations for my blog. Although my blog is a mix and mash of drawings and picture post.

    And coloring ONE illustration is already a pain in the ass :(

    Newbie alert. Haha.

    Salute you!

  7. wow... not bad..

    But you're competing with Emperor Miao. So how??? He swore to use MiaoHulk to destroy all participants and the judges...

  8. Missmiyen:
    Yeah draw until I wanna cry! Ohhh let me check out your blog! :D Nvm preserve and you can do it!

    Yalo how ah. I wanna ask Captain America come subdue him already! :P

  9. cheeching: 40 seconds long only LOL!


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