I've Mastered the Art of Sleeping in the Bus

Often, if I do not have enough sleep, I will be definitely asleep on my way to work. I think even if the bus flew over the moon, or somersaulted, I still can remain asleep.

The Art of Sleeping in the bus: ACHIEVED!

Do you guys sleep in public transport too? It's kinda dangerous actually, but I cannot help it.

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  1. I can too hahahaha
    And then I dunno why when reach destination automatic wake up

  2. Must be not enough sleep right? :P
    I can't sleep, coz I'm a driver! :/

  3. kenapa after i submit the comment, i get this in Bahasa Indonesia :
    Komentar Anda telah disimpan.
    Mungkin membutuhkan waktu beberapa saat untuk komentar Anda tampil di situs.


  4. next target? Art of sleeping standing up!

  5. easy peasy, i do that all the time. Dulu lah . hahah


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