How I Got The Nickname Cacing

This happened in primary school when I was still an innocent, cute student.

I seriously did not listened properly and just said 'Yes' when the girl asked if my name was Cacing. Since then, she called me Cacing everytime she talks to me, or wanting to call me. I think I got bullied verbally urgh. But being what I am, I fought back after a while cause I could not take the name calling anymore.

I punched her.

Actually, I splashed my honey water over her and made her cry. >_<

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  1. aiyo so kelian. hahaha you did not tell her your exact name after she call you so many times cacing!?

  2. so, should we call u chee ching or cacing? hehe.. :p

    but cacing is comel what....

  3. Keep away all the honey water from chee ching!!!

  4. honey water ~later got semut come XD

  5. yer didn't know you were so mean back then :(

  6. Chee Ching...u're so creative and i have been following your blog quite some times...i like your character as well...haha...and u really got talent in drawing :) btw...just drop by and share with you 2 facebook pages which i working for. and Fyi, both pages consist of business topics and motivation quotes which worth for viewing. Please kindly click like for the 2 pages to support. Thank you. :)

  7. Ka ching....

    Why u so bad... wahhhhh now I am afraid to meet you jor.. T_T~~~~

  8. LOL... I never thought of that! XD HAHAHA... but now that you mention... :D

  9. hahaha... geng! i like XP

    From: another bully XD


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