Air Asia Chiang Mai Adventures: Part One!

Hello hello! :D I'm gonna bring you to a trip to Chiang Mai! Went Chiang Mai last week for an adventurous trip, made new friends, made many memories and the best thing was, I did #YOLO stuff. Didn't know Chiang Mai offers so many adventurous activities for such a place with history and culture.

Because we were asked to gather at 5.30am, I did not sleep the whole night. Was packing and trying to finish up some pending workload. I was basically zombie-fied, although I was looking forward to know who will be in this trip as well! :D

Daphne, our nanny for this trip. <3

I also got to know that Jian will be in this trip as well! :)

Our two papa bear for this trip, Jason and Yoga. :D

Our two foodies, Anna and Evelyn that loves to take pictures!

And of course, Kenny our tortoise magician musician and Jess, photographer cum designer, and my room mate for this trip! :)

Us, trying to look not sleepy before boarding! :D

Sat 'Hot Seat' for the first time, and o wow, so much leg space! Probably my short legs contributed to the amount of space I had, but it was really comfortable. :D

Nasi lemak from AirAsia! Piping hot, instantly boosted up my stomach. I was still quite sleepy, but decided not to sleep after having this heavy breakfast. #diet

We reached Chiang Mai around 2.5 hours later, and was greeted by our tour guide, Mr Chenn! :D

I think he got culture shock as all of us throng around him, taking our pictures, non stop.

Our first stop: Chiang Mai Arts and Cultural Centre  that is located in Prapokklao Road just for us to know a little bit more about the history and cultural elements of Chiang Mai before going on our little adventure.

The three handsome kings that once ruled Chiang Mai!

The museum is filled with miniatures that tells the story of Chiang Mai when you walk through. I really had fun photographing them.

There were some problems with our Thai sim cards that Jason became our saviour at this historic place!!

Chiang Mai Adventure will be updated soon with the story, and of course, one of the best local place to eat as well! :D

AirAsia flies to Chiang Mai twice daily! So if you're looking to travel to someplace other than Bangkok, try Chiang Mai!

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  1. the museum patong so cute :D

  2. absolutely cute! love this post. can't wait to read more...

  3. So many familiar names~~
    Have fun didn't u? so jelly~

  4. wow those miniature so cuteee! too bad museum not really my thing! haha

  5. Ras:
    Yes very cute! :D

    Faster blog bout the food hehehe!

    Yes I truly enjoyed myself. Had post withdrawal syndrome after that.

    Kan! Maybe go once can dee.

  6. So nice lerh... i really wanna go on a holiday too T__T

    Btw, your sleepy like cartoons are funneh! Haha XP

  7. so awesome photos!! particularly like the river ones

    why no one cucuk your bubble!!! XD

  8. Missy:
    Heheehe thank youuu Missyyyy! Lai let's go for holiday!

    THANKIU. Cause nobody wakes me when I'm sleeping! :P

  9. Nice greating from the airasia staff. :)


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