Similarities in Most Manglish Themed Videos

The other day I stumbled upon a video, ‘How to Charm Pretty Girls’, and before I show you guys the video, I hereby dub the video in the ‘Manglish’ theme.

Why do I say so? :3

Can you find more similarities that I’ve missed out?

And there's a really cute phone inside the video too! I think it's the Samsung Mini 2.

 I didn’t know there’s this lower range of phone by Samsung actually. The girl in the video was holding a yellow one, so I’m pretty sure there’s other colours available as well?

But one of the lamest jokes in that video is definitely this:


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  1. I don't get that screen part... Explain please?

  2. Exactly my thought when I heard that lame joke.... REALRY???? =___=

  3. Seem like it's Samsung Galaxy Ace to me.

  4. haha.. rearry? titanic and screen, mei you kaitan langsung neh..

  5. can find more info on this phone here :

  6. j-fish:
    You mean the titanic? Means if the screen is bigger, it can be called Titanic. *Facepalm*

    Lamest at its best!

    Not Mini?

    Right! Failed attempt!

    Same. ><

  7. I don't see what's the video for...


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