One Evil Lady That I Saw.

Why evil lady why? The rubbish bin is right beside you, and you decided to throw it on the floor? I don't understand this at all! D:

What irked me most is that she walked away pretending nothing had happen. If I'm not in the bus, I would have told her already. Urgh!

Please at least throw your rubbish into its respective place. Sometimes I even see rubbish inside my condo's lift. Urghhhh!

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  1. sigh...everyone are so irresponsible these days... For example, my customers use the tissues provided to wipe their Face Mask. The the huge dustbin is sitting just right next to them!!! (the table) and they just leave their trash on the ground and table?!

  2. What to do.. Sigh! Some people these days are taking things for granted.

  3. The worst are the ones who just throw rubbish out of their car. Even the kids in those vans now do the same. Sigh.


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