A LG Smart TV Cinderella Story

Do you like my LGTV Cinderella Story? Haha. Sorry if it's a little lame but I am trying to win a Smart TV for my dad for Father's Day yo! I think he's gonna be so excited if I can actually give this to him.

I was actually quite impressed with all the features you can have with a Smart TV when I went for the party last 2 weeks. How technology have changed, from an idiot box to SmartTV? One of the most appealing feature was the KPOP Zone where I get to watch all things related in HD and 3D.

Big Bang in 3D? Yes please!

Anyway, if you want to know more about the features mentioned in the short comic, click http://www.lg.com/my ! :)

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  1. you are going to win that TV for sure. i LOVE the art in this one!

  2. SHIT!!! I'm not gonna join anymore!!!!

  3. SOOO CUTE!! I LOVE THIS!! <3 Good luck Chee Ching!!

  4. Love the story and art! Thumbs up!

  5. Amazing artwork and wonderful storyline adapted from Cinderalla! :D

  6. LG Godmother!! Mother of GOD! hahaha... funny entry! :D

  7. Awesomeness!!
    Good luck Chee Ching!! :D

  8. Ernest:
    Thank you thank you!

    Haha join only!

    Yay hope I'll get ze TV! :P

    Pek Chek:
    *Thumbs up!*

    Haha but a little lame right?

    Thanks! :D

    Thank youuu CHarmaineee!


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