First Time Eating New Zealand Natural Ice Cream!

Here are some flavours that I was thick skinned enough to try. Hehe.

But the main highlight of that night was the two newly released products.
This is the Pecan Praline Crunch Cookie Sundae! The ice cream is absolute heaven, but the cookie is too sweet for me.
And this is the Pecan Praline Crunch Affogato! It comes with a small cup of espresso to be poured over the ice cream and the biscotti. I sort of soaked the biscotti too long, but it still taste alright. What I really like bout this is the strong bitterness of the espresso together with the ice cream. I felt less guilty eating this. Hehe.

But I'm on a diet and exercise regimen now! So this shall my guilty pleasure once in a while. :) Have you eaten New Zealand Natural before?

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  1. Never try it before!! But to me the 20 sen Asam ice-cream is the best! XD

  2. Hahha I even have the member card!! But it has been a long time since I used it. Eat gelato! Not so fattening! But more exp....but more exp means will eat less!! Win win situation . Enjoy but don't put on so much weight? Hahahahaah

  3. Well, I've been eating NZ Natural for many years now; it started shortly after my stay in NZ and the idiot in me continued to eat it even though their winter was cold and windy!

    Boysenberries?! Yummy, I really love that flavor! You should've given their Fruit Flo a shot, it's half-yoghurt, half-ice cream blended with fruits of your choice.

  4. does Jogoya de New Zealand ice cream same as this one? never try before.. >.<~

  5. Constance:
    Cheap ice cream also works right! :D

    Quite. >RM5.

    HAHA AGREE! :D Moo Cow also very nice!

    Ah I see! Means you really love it! And yes! I will try Fruit Flo! :D

    Mr Lonely:
    Hm, I think Jogoya is Haagen Daaz. :D

  6. New Zealand Natural is offered in Jogoya, provided you get it from the right booth :D


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