The Day I Lost My Phone..

.. is the day the sky cried (lol)..

These are just fragments of memories, never to be forgotten..

I've been using this phone for 3 years already, and no matter how many times I've dropped it, it still stayed strong. I even left my phone twice somewhere, but yet it always find its way back to me. But today it's officially gone. WHY MUST YOU LEAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


P/S: It's gone forever, even the numbers. I'm still not sure when will I get a new phone. :( Anyone wanna contribute to 'Get Chee Ching a New Phone funds'? :(

P/S/S: I can has contest for you! 

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  1. Noooo, how did it happened?
    Macam mana boleh hilang, Chee?

  2. Gosh!!! What happen???!!! Just pm everyone in FB then u can get their number!!!

  3. i tot u're getting a samsung S3?? >_<

  4. YJ:
    :( :( Terjatuh. :( :(

    I will after I replace my simcard. :( :( I think I dropped it in a bar,

    It was a review unit. :'(

  5. Good Guy LG knows its owner needs a new phone! Or coz she keft due to jealousy towards S3? lol jokes aside..probably should really cancel that sim card first before it is being misused...

  6. D: Maybe the S3 is calling you.


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