What's Plan B?

A weekend lunch dilemma.

There's a friend of mine who have no idea what is Plan B when I was telling him about our Plan B lunch if there's no other shops available. Have you encounter this kinda situation before?

On a related note, I first tried Plan B with my hometown friends few weeks ago and I think that branch in Publika sort of disappointed me despite all its hype. :'(

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  1. I dined at the branch at Bangsar Village, didn't disappoint me :)

  2. Kenwooi:
    Perhaps I should try the Bangsar one? ><

  3. Haha! I have no idea what Plan B is either! Was having a hard time following the comic until the last scene. Good that I have an idea now! Thanks! XD

  4. Haha, never thought plan b was a restaurant name

  5. Staci:
    Haha yes go try! :D


    Right! Same sentiments the first time I heard it.

  6. lol, he punched you. omgd.
    sorry for laughing, but you made it a bit funny, sorry.
    it tickles my bone *O*


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