The Process: Audrey and Tim's Wedding Invites

When I got a call from Tim if I was interested in designing Tim and Audrey's wedding card, I was elated! :) The wedding theme was UP! and I was already thinking in my head on how should I design it the moment I put down the phone.

Of course I didn't dare to pursue on that idea. So I worked over the weekend and came up with this two initial options.

The first option was chosen, and it was time to tweak the colours and the mechanics of the invites. :) The eyes were also changed to something more silly looking instead of adorable eyes.

Front cover options. :D

And back cover options!

Finally, it was done with the suggestions and feedback from Audrey and Tim. :D

And then it struck, it kinda looks like a birthday card. :( Which I agreed after looking at it for a few times. Thus, we went back to the drawing board, and Audrey decided, hey, there's an airplane ticket in the movie, let's do an plane ticket invitation!

Thus I decided that it shall be an official boarding pass to their UP themed wedding. :)

I rushed this out in less than two days, and is super happy with the final result. I think it is more matured and less kiddish, which can be accepted by many people. :) (Ahem, I can do serious work too. See here and here. :P) And it also come with a customized airmail envelope too jeng jeng!

Congratulations Tim and Audrey! May you'll be blessed with many many cute kids! :D

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  1. I love the special boarding pass' one although everything are just so amazing!!

    I would love if you design it for me for my wedding one day ^O^

  2. I love the one where they are falling down... XD i will choose that if is my wedding!!! ^^

  3. The design is great!
    I like the boarding pass invitation ticket :)

  4. Wow, so cute! And I like the 'boarding pass' idea :)

  5. Wow, so cute! And I like the 'boarding pass' idea :)

  6. The overall design is actually damn awesome...haha i love the boarding pass idea

  7. YJ:
    Thank you YJ! And yes I will. :)

    Hehe find me!

    Terima kasih!


    Thank you thank you. :3

    Yay thanks so much Ashley!


    Thank you Eric! *Fistbump*

  8. I really like the airplane-themed wedding card as it's really unique and personalized, unlike the gold and red ones that we still see nowadays... =)

  9. Love the boarding pass idea. Very popular in modern theme weddings these days. So, how would ther ceremony like?? Any "flight attendants" at the wedding to guide the "passengers"??


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