New Layout: The Experiment

Hello! It's time for a new layout again! The previous layout became a blind spot for me.

This is called, The Experiment! :)

Somehow this theme is sort of influenced by The Big Bang Theory. Only recently I've started this series, and I laughed from the first episode to Season 5 now. Hence, I wanted to do something in relation to science.

Here's a hi res wallpaper as well! Download here!

I managed to proclaim my love for Captain America and The Avengers as well. HAHA.

On a side note, I think everyone in this world must always experiment. If we don't, one day, we are just gonna settle down in our comfort zone and never want to experience new things in life. I have so many things that I wanna do that I'm not sure where or how to start.

Jeng jeng jeng!

Leave me comments about the new theme ya? :3

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    I love this!! Love it!!

    And love the colours too.

    Woosh, the experiments!!
    How awesome is this!!

    Your room is the laboratory itself? nyaoooo

  2. it's better if you're using this theme for halloween :3

  3. very nice theme!! So special! ;)

  4. Friend, your typeface so tiny I almost misread this "alwaysexperiment". See what I see. LOL!


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