Mother's Day Special: Young and Rebellious

But she did something that night that changed me forever.

She came into my room, and fixed my blanket right after our huge argument.

Drawing this post made me realize how hurtful I was towards her when I was younger. I still do it now sometimes, but I'm trying hard not to. There were a few occasions where I made her cry, and that time, I'm not sure if it hurt me, or I was still plain stubborn.

My mom is one stubborn woman, but behind all the stubbornness, she is someone that is willing to sacrifice many things my siblings and I. :(

*Grasp heart*

So, Mother's Day is coming, and here's a cute template for you to download and write your messages to your mom, be it on a breakfast that you've made her, or on a gift that you have just bought! <3

*Click on the picture for high resolution*

P/S: Message me at my page if you want other sizes! :D

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  1. scumbag cheeching! haha why u so bad to mama ching.

    nvm , u insaf now can di.

    move to new place ady right?

  2. AUWW! so cute la. well dat time still very young ma. :p i oso like dat la! even until now! >.<

  3. like mum, like daughter aite? :)

  4. Both are stubborn, but both love each other.., ^^

  5. been at that situation before! understand how it feels!

  6. Ben:
    Haha yes insaf already. And yes I've moved! :D

    Me too. Sometimes I still fight with my mom now. :(

    Unfortunately. :D

    Uh huh!

    Kan! So heartbreaking!

    Wei Chen:


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