Lyrics That Confuses Me

So many lyrics that doesn't make sense out there! Especially the current mainstream songs now, like this Nicki Minaj song that burns both my ears and eyes.

"You a stupid ho, you a you a stupid ho"


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  1. Songs these days have tastes like that :P
    they dont care about the lyrics anymore, what's more "important" is the rhythm?

  2. Songs of the older generations are much more meaningful when you compare it to the ones of the current generation. It's like the majority of the listeners want something that doesn't make sense to me. =/

  3. I hate that!! Never will listen to her music.
    Musics nowadays are completely nonsense.
    Never will going to support her and her musics and other artists that has musics like her.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. hahaha! the last part so cute!
    you didnt even have a pic for it!

    "you a stupid ho you a stupid ho" XD


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