I Have a Green Thumb

And then I plucked it out of the pot. -___-

I also killed my dad's-just-planted most prized mango tree when I was kid by plucking out all the leaves and stem. Sorry Papa Chong!

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  1. Owh... Sooo cute!!!!!! My plant never grew... TT

  2. Hao You:
    True story! :D

    Aww must have patience. And don't pluck it out like me.


  3. LMAO!! EPIC!!! hahaha the most i did was plucked out all the "flowers" of the mango tree without realizing the flowers are the ones going to be turned to mango...never was I let any near to the mango tree anymore!

  4. hahahahaha kesian ur dad and the plant

  5. Eric:
    Even now? :P

    I destroyed so many things of him. :(


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