Chiang Mai in 9

So recently, I went to Chiang Mai, visited and seen many things that truly opened my eyes. Here are some of my favourite pictures in the shots that I had taken. :)

Best hotel breakfast, ever! If only this was my breakfast everyday - Holiday Inn, Chiang Mai

One of the most popular drink in Chiang Mai, tangerine juice (Only RM2 per bottle) - Everywhere

Everyone's lining up for honey ice cream - Honey Factory

One of the gentlest creature ever - Elephant Camp

With his trainer - Elephant Camp

Cruising through the calm river - Elephant Camp

Free to roam and sleep, dogs in Chiang Mai are well taken care off - Doi Suthep Temple

Praying for blessings - Doi Suthep Temple

Kids dressed in traditional costume were around - Doi Suthep Temple

The weather in Chiang Mai is very cooling, and it is filled with artsy fartsy stuff as well. Truly a nice place to just lay back, and enjoy the holiday.

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  1. wow :D chang ming it's beautiful XD

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  3. wan go chiang mai !! looked so beautiful & adventures


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