Why I Hate Being Short at Concerts

Cause this is what I see.

Can't see anything sir!

So I went to the Twin Tower Concert two Fridays ago thanks to Nuffnang. But the tickets by the organizer was all the way at the back and  I was very disappointed cause with my height, it was impossible to view anything at all.

Only when I extend my hand as high as possible with max zoom in, I'm able to see this through the camera. T________________T

However, Nicole Scherzinger was really, really, awesome that night. Her stage presence, energy was consistent throughout her performance and I was really in awe. Wanted to leave after SNSD finished performing, but glad I didn't. I literally was like this..

And well, for SNSD, they were okay I guess. Not their best performance, but at least they sang almost all the hit songs. And boy, is the KPOP fanbase in Malaysia huge. I bet when Big Bang or 2NE1 comes, literally the whole KL will be flooded with people right? :3

Literally 50% of the crowd left after they finished performing. Was so flabbergasted.

But one thing for sure, KLCC is an amazing place to host a concert. Just look at the view. :)

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  1. But... but... if you're a girl and you shed tears, are they manly tears or womanly tears?

    Dun Dun DUNNNN!!!

  2. Good :) Your post is fun!

    Oh, and you live in Kuala Lumpur?

    I haven't been Malaysia yet

    (Anyway, your post made me found some video for my #streetmusician playlist on my channel of YouTube, thanks!)

  3. can i be your fans??? i really like your blog girl

  4. Cherane:

    Hehe thanks! And yups. Please come! I'll show you around!

    /Shy. Of course can! :D

  5. Don't say you are short. Never mind. Listen to the good music is already good enough right. I will keep on supporting your blog.

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  6. HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!! happened once to me and hence i go out of the spectator area and go somewhere off limits but nearer...stepped on the wall n watch...LOL

  7. Krissu:
    But I can listen to good music at home too right? :( And yayyyy! Thanks for supporting!

    Haha kan kan! Cannot see shit. :(

  8. unexpected content of post. Awesome.

    If i were u, i will just talk about the celebrities. It feels awesome to read your experience when watching concert:)

  9. ahaha..i just passed by on that day coz i'm not kinda like to be in crowded.

    but, i'm not too sure if there are big bang and 2ne1 performing. hahahahha..


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