Squatting Toilets vs Sitting Toilets

I have a phobia of going to public toilets, but if I really have to go, I wished the public toilets which I go too have squatting toilets because sitting toilets in the public are just too icky.

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  1. It depends too. Sometimes squatting ones are filled with you know what and erm..water trapped.

  2. gosh! I have just stumbled upon your blog and it's hilarious especially with your graphics. <3 the illustrations.

  3. guys toilet....sometimes even worse...as though a fire hose of urine just busted at the cubicle..lol

  4. Sherrie:
    I think only on non maintained place kan.

    Hehe yay! Do drop by more often!

    Urghhh sure cannot see one.

  5. I prefer squatting ones too - IF it's a big biz lah.. haha :P

    But in office, I know it's clean so I don't mine the sitting ones :)

  6. hahah me phobia of dirty public toilet :/

  7. I don't blame you for wanting the squatting toilet. I personally prefer the squatting one because it's cleaner and you won't find footprints on the seat...

  8. Kenwooi:
    Haha lucky office toilets are clean kan!

    Kian Fai:
    Me toooo. :(

    Right! Those people who stand on top of seated ones. D:

  9. I never like squatting one because it'll cramp my legs squatting while hearing heels.
    With the sitting one, our public toilet like Malls, restaurant, cafe etc2 always clean but when its dirty, I just wash it off with the water, nyahahaha.

    haha public toilet here is very clean unless from restaurant murah yang toilet mereka tak berapa bersih then urghhh, unsanitary hahaha

  10. same here!

    Squat is better because minimal physical contact XD.

    There are times I end up cleaning the toilet before using it. @__@

  11. then just squat in sitting toilet :|

  12. i am used to sitting toilet but like u me also wished the public toilets to have squatting toilet. otherwise i will sacrifice a lot of tissues for sure.

  13. Hi there, can i used your cartoon above? i'll put credit link to your blog :) its very nice input..

  14. YJ:
    Kan! Sometimes I rather not go.

    Omg same. Use loads of tissues first. :(

    That's bad right? ><

    Yup same sentiments!

    Yup. Can can!


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