Snuggling With A Book At Night

Oh oh! I can has Instagram alreadyyy! Just find for @cheechingy. And I've just gotten my iPad so I'll be uploading drawings to my page here. So like it, and do give me comments and criticisms ya!

Anyway, on to today's update! It's about books and reading again. :3

Recently, I bought quite a number of books, and the only time to read it is either in the bus, or before my bedtime.

Usually I cannot stop reading, and will try to finish the book as fast as possible, which indeed is one of the worst habit in my life. And the next day is just horrendous due to the lack of sleep. D:

Are you the same as me? Once you start reading, you cannot stop? I often get a little emotional whenever I finish a book though.

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  1. yeah, exactly. I recently finish the 3 Hunger Game book, can't stop every nigh until I slept w/o myself knowing >.<

  2. Hahaha! same same la! SOmetime i will feel geram if i cant read it till the end. >.<

  3. haha.. i dont read books :P maybe tertidur with the laptop on haha!

  4. Yeaaaaaaa......T-T die also will try to tahan till the end.

  5. It happens to me, but not only limited to books xD

  6. i love books too. but i do not the books to be finished that early. hahaha..u r so cute & funny!

  7. true story! last panel so cute and funny the arms pattern like chinese ghost~ LOL

  8. All the time..especially now when i read mangas on my ipad...damn it

  9. I'm not a book lover but this still happened... When I read Harry Potter.

  10. Same! :D & btw this is the first time visiting your blog, I have to say I simply LOVE your designs very much! Everything on your blog looks super cute & your graphics are very impressive. I love it!! ❤


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