Monotone Queens, We Are

So my mom loves singing. (That was her recent favourite song)

I really cannot sing at all. Monotonous voice all the way. And I suspect it's from my mom cause she is monotone as well. In fact, even my dad is monotone!

But nothing can stop us from singing falalalalala~

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  1. hhaha.. practice more vocal? not sure if it could work not :P

    i cant sing anyway, haha!

  2. I once thought i can sing very well... Until my friend ask me to stop singing... But i kept singing, cause i just LOVE it! XD

  3. Tzeching:
    Come come!

    Uh huh.

    Cannot really monotone one. :P

    Maybe must practice everyday.

    AHAHA I used to think I can sing as well!

    Hahahha lucky my mom didn't rotan me.


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