Sculpture Alien Baby

Back in my last semester in IACT College, I took a subject called Visual Communications ( to get a break of all the other marketing subjects :P) and one of the final project was to create a sculpture.

It's a 2 person project with a classmate of mine, and behold ze masterpiece! :3

The basic shaping.

Covered with wires and aluminium foil!

The clay!

Adding the details, bit by bit.

And behollllddddddddd! 

I wished I could bring it back though. Hopefully it's still in college. Last I've seen it, the tail was broken by the principle as he thought it was made from metal. :'(

 For more pictures, view the rest here: Album 1 | Album 2

Is my baby alien sculpture cool? Cool? Cool? Coolness level over 9000? :D

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    and I hope I could do this in Singapore but no sculpturing designing in the module, so bad.
    I want to do one too.
    and nooooo, baby alien got no ze tail's anymore!! T^T
    *bite headmaster*

  2. sad! Referring to the tail thing. But it's really, really cool! I would've thought it's made of metal too! xD

  3. Holy John Hurt, Batman! Coolness lvl: Giger!

    Was it Super Sculpey that you used?

  4. Coolness +9000! It does really look made with metal...

  5. :O Baby Alien

    Who kena face palm and give birth to this?

  6. fresh:
    Hehe yay!

    Haha I nearly died when I saw the tail broke. :'(

    Wei Chen Esmonde Lim:
    Yayyy! Yeah it broke. Not sure if it's fixed though.

    Dominic Low:

    Ken Wooi:
    Hehe spent so much time on it!

    AdamTamMar 8, 2012 02:05 PM
    damn cool!

    RindoMar 8, 2012 05:59 PM
    Holy John Hurt, Batman! Coolness lvl: Giger!

    Was it Super Sculpey that you used?

    Pek Chek Kia:
    Hoho metallic paint!

    Hehe. It's from an egg. LOL.

  7. Wow. U can create Alien!! Awesomeness!!

  8. holy i just jizzed my pants!
    u like the alien series as well? OMG!!

  9. wow..u are awesome!! it's cool! ;-)


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