Eating Economy Noodles Everyday

Every time when it is nearly the end of the month I pack economy noodles from this nearby stall near my office, everyday. By the time Friday comes I swear to myself that I will never eat the same economy noodles for lunch again. But it always fail hehehe.

And by the weekend comes..

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  1. haha! so cute! noodle queen!

  2. i wish i can eat cheap for lunch everyday too.. SAVE AHH!!

  3. Oh swt... So you saved all the money for sushi? lols

  4. Agree with Ken, where the hell you find those RM2 mee in KL? Even at my working place, cheapest also RM3+ (breakfast, not lunch)

  5. Ernest:
    Hail me! :D

    Ken Wooi:
    You work One U, that's why. :P

    Wei Chen:
    Haha true. Save so much, then spend all in one day.

    Pek Chek:
    Got got! Near my office got warung. But it's economy geh, no vege no nothing.

  6. Mau makan economy noodle too :(

  7. i used to eat a lot of instant noodles too... until my hair started falling T__T

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  8. CCY:
    Eat your rice!

    Hahaha. But mine is not instant noodles, it's those economy ones from stalls.


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