Doon Choot Doon Choot!

The action of dancing to the loud, banging music in clubs.

Just replace the word 'Clubbing' with Doon Choot Doon Choot and you're set to go!

Anytime, anywhere, and in whatever occasion you feel like using it.

And this concludes the explanation of Doon Choot Doon Choot, a term I've conjured up to replace the word clubbing, because it's just too mainstream. :P

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  1. Doon choot, doon choot.
    le me no doon choot doon choot!!
    me gustaaaa.

    how did you made this word up? *O*

  2. My ex-colleagues use to name it this way

    "Doomtsu, Doomtsu", 2 sounds. Should somehow came from techno base sound XD.

  3. haha.. that's the clubbing bass sound! i think.. :P

  4. Jian:
    Doon doon dooooooon!

    Haha! It was inspired yo!

    Doomtsu sounds cute too.

    Ken Wooi:
    Haha I think so too. ;3

  5. say doon choot doon choot a thousand time....then you;ll look like the LOL guy

  6. Anonymous:
    I'll say it a million times! :P

    Doon choot doon choot!


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