Badminton Thighs

I had so much fun when I went for badminton last week. It's been awhile since I've played, and the last time I played was when I just got back from Australia. My skills in badminton is of course of a primary school kid level, hence I dub myself a noob. :D

But the next day, my thighs hurt like hell after the session. D: Anyone wanna go for badminton together gether? :D


P/S: I'm thinking of doing a header give away to increase my likes on Facebook. :P Should I should I? 

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  1. haha.. my muscles also pain pain sikit..
    butt muscle also pain :P

  2. call me out for badminton ;) i am playing with my colleague every mon n wed after work

  3. Kenwooi:
    Haha let's play again! :D

    Jom. For sure you must join next time. :D

    Yes we will! :D Prolly on Fridays. Where do you play ya?

  4. i play behind my office..near sunway Giza...yupz just tweet me or call me i will come after my work ;)


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