365 Art #37 Books Lift Your Imagination

I always loved reading, and I can get so engrossed with whatever that I'm reading. Am currently reading few books by Haruki Murakami and I really love his style. I always believe that reading books do lift up your imagination. You get to imagine so many scenes just by the thorough descriptions from the writings, and it always fascinates me.

Am in the process of writing a short story now, and hopefully it's good enough to be produced into a short film. :)

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  1. the books reminds me of books in the library from Harry Potter's film.
    other than that, awesome artwork is awesome!!

  2. looking forward to your short stories :D

  3. YJ:
    heheh thank youuuu! :D Still practicing yo!

    Haha if I get to finish the script.

    Yay! Hopefully I don't abandon it.


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