365 Art #35 Lost Democracy

I have no idea what's happening to Malaysia government. Because of desperation of votes to rule the country, they are resorting to taking away rights of the disabled. Where is the democracy when you take away one's rights when he votes for another? Plus, the money are from the taxpayer's money, not yours.

If you're really competent, people will vote for you. You do not need to do all these thing-a-magic or put other people down to make yourself look good. Just like how certain politicians will only fix your road or give you the basic necessities when you vote for them, and to me, that's wrong. You are supposed to give the people that no matter.

Grow up please.

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  1. sigh. They are now admit that all the wrong-doing by apology, but we should not spare them. Make sure next GE we vote for better future!

  2. Miles:

    Yes. Vote for better future! :)

  3. As Deaf, I aware with this issues from TheSun newspaper. My deaf friends and I also not happy with this. Everyone has right to vote who that they believe can help improve our nation, include the disability community.

  4. Selina:
    Yup! Agree with you 100%!


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