School April Fools Pranks

Childhood 16:14

365 Art #39 The Online World

365 Art 02:34

What Nando's New Cataplana Porto Do to Me

Comic 13:21

Eating Economy Noodles Everyday

Comic 02:35

365 Art #38 Best Companion

365 Art 03:01

Badminton Thighs

Comic 02:06

Drawing for The Star Rage.

Design 02:29

365 Art #37 Books Lift Your Imagination

365 Art 02:33

The Not-So-Horrifying Haircut

Comic 02:25

Sculpture Alien Baby

Design 02:12

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Hi. I am Chee Ching.

And I'm interested in all things creative. I design, illustrate, draw and create ideas as a job. I also love to travel and see the world.

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