When I Watch Ghost Movies..

Whenever I watch ghost movies, I'll only watch around 20% of the whole movie as I often close my eyes, and if possible my ears as well. :D However, one thing that always happen is whenever I open my eyes, the ghost will be right at my peripheral vision.

And the worse part is, I tend to imagine the scenes happening to me for probably a few days. Do you imagine it as well? D:

P/S: WATCH #BIGBANGBLUE VIDEO HERE! Cannot wait for the full album! <3

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  1. watching scary movie with facepalm? sometimes I did that too :p

  2. i wont pay to scare myself :P

  3. Hahaha....cutest blog post!!! Lol! I do it too...then i would be like, "eh, what happen ah?"

  4. Miles:
    HAHA. High 5! But I do it all the time.

    I know kan!

    Hehe! Same. Want to know but don't want to ask.


  5. AHhahha. i also do the same. No idea what's the whole story about :X


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