Dehydrating to Death

Remember that awesome feeling when you drink water first thing in the morning?

I was so thirsty one morning when I wanted water so desperately but my bottle was empty. I was too lazy to go downstairs to refill and I dehydrated to death.

Actually I just faced my laptop for one or two hours before really going downstairs. *Slaps self*

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  1. Hydrate means add water right...?so...should be...DEhydrated to death? lols but I know what you mean! I always have a cup of water in my bedroom before i sleep^^

    1. My bad! Can't believe I got confused hehe. Right so important!

  2. the last pic.. hydrate or dehydrate? :)

  3. LOL... somehow I have this experience too. but instead of drinking water, my version is going to toilet to "release" water lol.

    1. Ah sometimes you'll wake up just because you need the toilet.

    2. Yup, most of the time I woke up because nature's call XD


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