The Most Enthusiastic Fans in Play! FT Island Concert

Last Saturday I went to FT Island concert. Thank you for the complimentary Rockzone passes! Managed to see FT Island up close. :3 There's a reason for my blog title, and it will be revealed at the end of this post! 

Aww yeah. 2012 Tour Play! FT Island in Malaysia and Singapore yo!

Kicking off the concert with I Hope!

One thing for sure, I was really amazed by the whole stage design, the live vocals of every member, and a concert with bands are really the greatest.

Oh, and I think Hongki got buffer which added 140% charm to him. :D

The encore!

Where they shot millions of confetti to the crowd!

And where the song was performed with the flying confetti. So well done I tell you! :D

The awesome finale and goodbyes from the members. :(

I would say it is quite successful due to the crowd turn out, and I myself was very amazed with FT Island. I think I'm becoming a fan.

And oh, before I forget, I hereby dub three fans the most enthusiastic fans in this concert.


Such enthusiasm is impossibru!

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  1. we're standing at the same place.. but i no see you!!! ;/

  2. Ah. I was in front. Then only I moved behind.

  3. drop by here. Hye, I'd love kpop too. Sis blogger hebat. Kagum dgn sis sbb smpai msuk paper. Jom visit blog sye yg x seberapa.


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