365 Art #27 Rediscovering Music

Recently, I've started to listen to my whole playlist instead on 'Recently Added' on iTunes.

Needless to say, so many songs that I used to like resurfaced! :)

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  1. Nice entry indeed..

    btw i just voted for you for Worlds Bloggers And Social Media Awards 2012.. All the best ya... =)

    Plsssss vote me back for THE WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR @http://socialmediaweek.com.my/awards/category.php?id=33 "click vote di link www.bicaramakdara.com ye Thank youuuu =)

  2. hehe i've resorted to listening to my entire playlist too recently since i was getting bored of the regular playlist. but i reckon i definitely need more new songs to kepe me company during my runs.


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