Recap: My 2011

Time really flew fast. It's 2012 already! Many significant things had happened this year. Some were great, some were, well forgettable.


Angry at the government for raising the tax again. Now we have to pay 16% on top of all the expensive food / services!

Trolled my parents.

Went back to Canberra! (I wished I never came back)

Survived without Internet in Canberra #likeaboss.

Started working part time in a Korean restaurant in uni.

Frustrated over so many things. Assignments, love, work, hence only 2 posts for this month.


And I returned to Malaysia. Didn't blog about it as I regretted coming back.

Procrastinated like crazy in my portfolio and resume that I just wanted to be a rich man's wife.

Realized my little cousin look a little like a mini GDragon.

Watched one of the most amazing anime EVER!


This month is where I was really active again in blogging. *Pats self on the back*

Went to Penang with uni friends.

Started getting stupid due to holiday.

I got a job this month too!

Posted my resume online. Surprisingly I got people emailing me! :D

Went to KOREAN WAVE CONCERT! My first KPOP concert and I finally get the see GDragon (The love of my life *Cough*) and Big Bang!


Did a template for the new Facebook timeline!

Started a project called 365 Art! You can click the label on top for all the other ones. I kinda stop, but I'll continue actively.


Felt as if my cuspid were getting sharper and sharper and sharper.

Nominated as a Finalist in Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 for Most Original Blog Design GASPPPP GASPP GASPPP GASPPP!


Started a Facebook page!

P/S: Poke my page! 

Went to NAPBAS!

This year, is where I met new people in the blogging industry as well as gotten opportunities to do more things. I got a job, went to Kuching, learnt how to use a MAC and had two big collaborations with other talented comic bloggers in Malaysia. I did minor changes to my character as well throughout the year, such as adding a headband, or changing the clothes.

I've also changed a total of 4 layouts for this blog:

#1 Yellow

And the latest: Still Living in a Fairytale!

What would you like to see more in this blog?

And to all my silent readers, please say HI! at the comment box so I'll be more motivated! :D

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  1. Jian looks a bit botak there..hehe!

  2. Your resume is full of WIN!

  3. Happy New Year! I hope 2012 will turn out to be a year of discoveries for you :D


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