Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011

Was very happy that I was nominated this year. I went as nobody in Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009 in Singapore and went as a finalist this year.

Achievement unlocked! :D

Went with Ernest, Jian and Kenwooi, my 3 bodyguards gentlemen.

My first impression: So many bloggers, so many cameras! I was so afraid of the cameras actually.

But then I realized that not many people recognizes comic bloggers.

Sat down like a lady. Got separated with everyone.

Didn't win. :'(

But was happy that when people cheered when my blog appeared! :D

Especially to Ernest who yelled Chee Ching! :D

After it was over, there were more cameras again! I was hiding I think. :D

Went to the after party at Zouk! While my bodyguards mingled and danced...

I also danced! In my imagination..

It was truly a super fun night for me, and I shall try again for the next NAPBAS awards! All in all, it was such a grand event that I feel proud for being there that night. The 5 huge screens were a lovely touch, and best of all, everyone felt like a huge family! Yay for Nuffnang!

Wait for me NAPBAS 2013! :D

P/S: Something happened that night, but I shall story it next time. :)

And will you like this please? :D

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  1. I was dancing in mind too!!! Omg what happened? Why you all so secretive? Suspense giler!

  2. Always time for next time...XD being nominated is already an achievement considering so many blogs out there

  3. The way you illustrated your night iz so darn cute..
    I cheered and clapped too when your blog appeared!! ^^
    Congrats for being one of the nominee! That itself already make you a winner! *applause*

  4. cute! I can't wait to hear the next part

  5. Glow:
    Haha something funny / unexpected! :P

    Haha yes true true! :) You're a comic blogger also kan! :D

    Yay thanks Jolyn! Let's meet again! Sorry I did not talked much that night. :D

    Hehe coming soon!

  6. Pek Chek and Miles:
    Cause NAPBAS is every 2 years! :D

  7. hahas! you sound so cute there! someone really ask you for a drink eh?


  8. AHh~ This is cute!


  9. Hahaha I was sitting beside Ernest. Didn't know you heard him LOL! XD

  10. Nicole:

    Haha! Not really!

    Thank youuuuu! :D

    Haha I didn't. Melissa and him told me haha.

  11. Hahaha you got attacked by the camera flashes. Btw, congrats on being nominated as one of the finalists! :D

  12. Ahhhhh...super cute.can feel ur excitement thru ur story.congrats eveb u r not won but listed as a finalist.


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