New Layout: Still Living in a Fairytale

Still Living in a Fairytale theme is up! :)

Sometimes, I'm glad I'm still living in my own world. At least I can choose to be oblivious to things around me.

These days I think I know too much, and knowing too much is quite bad for me. Looks like I don't really bother much already, which is a good thing! :)

Annnnnnnnnddddddddddd, how's the layout and do anyone of you have your own fairytale world? :D

There's a high res wallpaper at my page for you guys to download. :) The white space are for your desktop icons!

Comments pl0x! <3 And poke poke my page here alright? :D

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  1. So cute!!!!!!!!!! I love to live in fairyland too =)

  2. Like this very much~! Very very nice~!!!!! Soooooo dreamy .... hehehe

  3. Hiroko:
    Hehe let's live in fairyland together gether!

    Hehe thank you! Dreammmmmmyyyyyy!

  4. Thisiscuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  5. Cute <3 this is my first time downloading a background from you <3 just changed from Miao's Christmas Theme...^_^ Both of you are so talented <3 Gambate!!!

  6. nice! i saw an unicorn at the corner. love it!

  7. Isaac:
    Haha yes you two!


    Hehe thank you! I will make more wallpapers!

    Yes unicorn! Cute tak?

  8. kyaaa!!!! kawaii.. so cute your new header. and thanks for the complimentary wallpaper.


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