It's Kuching! :)

O hai! Back in September I went all the way to Kuchinggggggggg! Here's some pictures that I carefully hand picked! :)

An old fort.

Mee Sapi!

Encountered an amazing storm.

Sarawak Laksa! Not sure if it's the authentic one, but it was so nom-able!

Feels like Melbourne! 

Helium balloons in Jalan India! Spot the Spongebob! :D

Jalan India.

Hello phone booth near Kuching Waterfront.

An old slide!

Superb salted crab in Top Spot! And cheap too! Only RM35 per kg!

But the best thing that has happened to me in Kuching is drinking this amazing drink called  the 3 /4 /5 layer teaaaaaaaaa!


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  1. i enjoyed the 5 layer tea too! haha! I guess it's only found in Kuching :D

  2. I visited Cat City last year for Rainforest World Music Festival. It was really nice! You should go too :D

  3. theeggyolks:
    There's in KL too! But not nice one. And expensive. :'(

    Hehe thanks! Wallpaper below!

    Omg yes I will definitely go back to Kuching. :D

  4. Where did you have your precious 3/4/5 layered tea ??

    1. I had it in a coffee shop in 147 (On the GPS) huhu! Actually you can get all these layered tea everywhere in Kuching!

    2. I have never seen the one in your pic, with toppings n stuff. Hmm... Where is 147 ?!?

    3. I think can search GPS. We randomly found the restaurant, it was at the corner though.


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