The Unruly Tabs for Assignments

I used to open so much tabs that I only can hibernate my laptop for weeks as I can't lose them. Ironically, I can't find which tabs that was relevant to what I'm writing as it has gazillion of them.

Ah student life, I miss.

The feeling when you are able to close all the tabs when you're doing assignments is so great that it deserve some manly tears.

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  1. Same with me! Haha Hibernate my computer with all the tabs on!

  2. Omo. I thought I'm the only one did this!

  3. Hiroko:

    You're not alone Fina! *Fistbump*

  4. doing the same. lol.

    the last pix i imagine the glory of winning some awards. but 2nd thought it just like CL 2NE1 jacket style. . haahahahaha

  5. Hanie:
    Haha CL. Ah KPOP fan I see! <3


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