I'm a Finalist for Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011!

Too much Walking Day makes me paranoid.

I was so shocked I don't know what to reply Fresh over ze phone.

And then I realized, I'm a finalist! OMG I'm a finalist for Most Original Blog Design! :D

Thank you to whoever that nominated me. *Tears*

And please vote for me! :) I spend a lot of time making these layouts so I hope it's worth it. :D

You're able to vote every 2 hours yo!

I promise to make more epic layout in the future if you vote for me. :P

Or I could just eat your brains and force you to do it!


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  1. congrats!!!! will vote for you :D it's a daily basis right??

  2. eggyolks:
    Yesyes. Every two hours. :D Starting tomorrow!

  3. I will vote for you! so instead of eating my brain...can design my blog ah ^^ pretty pls~

  4. Omg Your comics and cartoon are so adorable!!

  5. Great and creative love your creations... ;-)

  6. ~Nice blog!!! i love the way to express your messages to the readers and also your avatar or may i call it your chibi-self.. i will surely vote for your blog :3

  7. congratulations!!cute comic blog!quite number of votes from me!!!


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