How to Spot a Poyo #1

According to Urban Dictionary, poyo is a Malaysian slang for a person who doesn't realize how fag he/she is,shameless action,self boasting..

Poyos' from Joyce, a friend of mine, visual by me. And now I present you the first sign on
How to Spot a Poyo. :D

These are really nice in my opinion. But not too tight okay.

Turning 18 *Cough* today!

*Blow candles*

Since it's my birthday today, please give a vote as present! :P

Even bad ass Bowser supports me!

Vote for NAPBAS here!

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  1. You are just 18? i thought you were older.
    Anyway, happy birthday.

  2. Hanie:
    Thanks Hanie! <3

    Haha I am older. In denial only.


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