Probably the Worst Pictures Taken at Korean Music Wave 2011

Armed with a broken LCD pen, and a cracked camera on my phone, I went to Korean Music Wave last Saturday hoping I'll get some miracle pictures!

Amount of people! :3

I officially name both of them the most prepared concert goer ever.
The younger girl brought a chair with her so she could be taller, and lucky she was behind me if not I'll be seeing nothing.

The lady bought a binocular and a whistle that she blows right beside my ear. T_T

The guards were so alert that I could not bring out my camera to take pictures as any form of photography or videography was forbidden. Due to such circumstances, and the power of my imagination in snapping picture with a broken LCD, I present you the worst pictures ever taken in Korean Music Wave. AHOHO.

Opening act: FT Island. This is Hongki by the way.

Really, really powerful vocals! But I think they were pretending to play the instruments though. :3

The next act was Teen Top. I feel like a paedophile watching them perform. They are so young! But I must admit their dancing was good. I watched them coolly with my arms crossed as I only know one song from them.


The only girl group that night. One of my favourite girl groups as well hehe. Sang Heart to Heart, I My Me Mine, Muzik and other famous ones. :D

Probably the best picture of the lot.

Next up was U-Kiss. Woo! Their stage presence was so awesome! Sang songs such as Neverland and 0330 which I really liked!

I think this is Park Jung Min. Very cute la he! Only know one song so I was also watching coolly.

But it didn't last long. Big Bang's turn! Seungri appeared and sang songs from his solo album and I was starting to be a little crazy.


Then it was the peak of my fangirl moment. GD (Someone that I married in my dreams HAHA) and TOP came out and the whole stadium practically went havoc!

No pictures of them thus had to draw them. GD did not took his shades off. :(
I was like this the whole performance, although it ended abruptly. Galaxy, why they only sang 3 songs each? They are Big Bang for goodness sake! Everyone waited for encore but it didn't happen. :(

Nevertheless, I totally enjoyed myself at Korean Music Wave although I'm a little old already. HAHA.

Thanks Zara for bringing me along! <3

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  1. sounds like so much fun! :) i always say, ur never too old for a concert

  2. I wannna GOOOoooAOOOOAOOoAOOOWWW~~ huhu


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