New Layout: Operation Evil!

I name this Evil Cloud Sprayer!

New layout is here! Operation Evil. :D

Changed the 'Link Me' button as well. I've evolved! 


(Just copy the text above if you wanna link me. :3)

What do you think of the new layout?

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  1. new layout is adorableeeee!!
    love your new self doodle, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    honto kawaiieee!!
    I havent had any idea for my new layout yet *O*

  2. wahhhhhh cute!!!!!!!!!!

    i still stucked.. did half way..
    i dunno why the banner keep getting more and more complicated =.=

  3. OMG its cuteeeee!!!!

    seem like u and Meow have come out evil plan to overrule the world!

  4. YJ:
    Hehe thank you! Nevermind take your time sure can de.

    I also don't dare to add more stuff hehe. But so hard kan!

    Pek Chek:
    WOOHOO! I'm gonna transform the clouds!

  5. Matthew:
    They are evil! :D

    Thanks Fina! <3


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