My Perfect Train Ride, Not.

 Last Thursday I was supposed to board the 9pm train back to Ipoh. But due to a flood in Sungai Buloh to Rawang, everyone who departs from KL Sentral had to wait for a bus to Rawang to board the train back to Ipoh as the ETS was stuck in Rawang.

Man, I was so tired that by the time we've boarded the ETS 2 hours later at Rawang...

I was sleeping like a log, practically dead and not moving. :(

At least the 2 hours train ride zoomed pass quickly. :D

EDIT: Apparently I still need to board the bus from Rawang to KL Sentral tomorrow nooooo! The track is not fixed yet. :(

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  1. I can imagine how you look like when you're in DEEP sleep. PUAHAHAHA

  2. haha i think we faced the same problem!! :P was stucked at the same situation.


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