Hello! It's My Mom!

Hi. This is my mom.

She plays Cafe World.

She nags a lot.
And she is always in front the computer, thus I talk to her via Facebook as I'm in KL.

The other day I was talking to her, and she thought 'Orh' which means 'Yes' in Cantonese is some short form HAHAHAHA.

Another example on how cute she is LOL.

Mom oh mom.

P/S: Don't ask why is her Facebook profile picture is Conan. I have no idea why too.

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  1. LOL!! maybe your mom is thinking this OTZ O=head T=hand Z=legs ~~xD came visit your blog and it very intresting!!*happy*

  2. Rascat:
    Hehe do visit more often! :D

  3. Matthew:
    Haha albeit a little naggy.

    I guess so too. :D

  4. OMG plays cafeworld, conan profile pic? You might have the coolest mom ever! LOL xD

  5. CUTE? *cough!*

    *Note:Her glasses are maroon in colour. Not purple :P

  6. its great to see you interact with your mum so good :D

  7. chee-chii, when can I meet your mom?
    nyaoooo she's so adorable, like you too :D <3


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