Capital of Italy

Yesterday, Papa Chong was asking me some random questions such as the capital of Italy, and I confidently answered Spain. HAHAHAHA. My geography is really this bad!

He was shocked and wondered why did he spend so much on my education.

Pa, sorry!

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  1. LMAO.... I have no idea whats capital of Italy as well... oops~

  2. Glo-w:
    I'm quite dumb. :D

    Hahaha I really don't know! :(

    Pek Chek Kia:
    It's ROME! :D

  3. Poor Papa Chong...

    Wait a sec... is that Jackie Chan...?

  4. Pak Cik I suka blog kamu! :P

    Yes that's Jackie Chan's meme. :D

  5. Hahahaha. Dat meme. and Spain. My dad would probably get a heart attack if I answer like that coz he's quite pro in Geography and he expects us to be good too.

  6. I answered Venice. then I saw your comment, then I google-d :\

  7. AHAHAH. ching ching you really that blur huh.


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