Arched Eyebrows

I always wanted an arched eyebrow cause I think it looks cool!

However, I am blessed with droopy eyebrows (WHY MOM WHY) and once, I plucked them so much that it was short and out of shape.
Since last month, I resisted the temptation to pluck my eyebrows so that it'll grow longer and I can finally have the arched eyebrow when I go for threading!

But now I realized I do not have the time to go for threading so I am now blessed with a ugly, untrimmed eyebrows.


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  1. Untrimmed eyebrows are cool.

  2. LOL! WAEEE?! i wanted droopy eyebrows so i'll look cuter.. arched brows aren't cute..

  3. Potato:
    Like yours macam gorilla!

    Huhu no meh? Droopy like forever sad.

  4. i wan more defined!~ mine is semi droopy too =(

  5. Glow:
    Right! But I scared I look fierce with arched eyebrows.

  6. I got friend who shave all her eyebrows n draw them everytime she wanna go out from home (she is the type of a person that can't go out without makeup)

    Her eyebrows are like this

    just the eyebrows not everything else :P

  7. Fina:
    Omg if it looks like that it's scaryyyy!

  8. you're lucky, i got shin chan eyebrows -_-
    nearly unibrow as well.
    Oh~ and i say some of my comments got approved, yay~~~
    thanks XD


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