Cried Till Cannot Breath

I think I'm someone who can cry easily.
Apparently, I rolled and cried on the floor when my dad asked me to go home from McDonalds when I was four or five. I refused to go home because of the 'playground' there. I can remember vaguely that I did such thing, but probably because my dad always remind me that this incident happened.

I bet my dad's feeling during that time was, 'Y U NO LISTEN DAUGHTER?'

I lost my purse that contained RM20 back in primary school which I cried while waiting for my mom to pick me up. I cried till my grandma gave me another RM20. :D
I shed some womanly tears when I lost my purse again in 2005. :( :( :( :( Lucky no money inside cause I went shopping but had to make I.C. and bank cards all over again.
However, as I've already matured (HAHAHAHHA) I only cry like crazy when I watch movies or shows. Such as Hachiko or My Sister's Keeper.
But yesterday I cried until I cannot breath watching Ano Hana anime (Long form:  Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai).

Watched the whole series in two seating and it was a bad idea. The ending was so epically touching that I cannot stop crying. T____________T

GO AND WATCH ANO HANA PLOX! T__________________T

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  1. hahaha... y u no listen daughter! XD

  2. Pou Leen:
    Hahaha! I was stubborn since young. :D

  3. Nice plot. This anime is quite similar to Midori no Hibi; you should try if you haven't =)


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