I Wanna Be a Rich Man's Wife!

The other I was talking with my dad about plans after graduation, and I mentioned I want to get married to be a rich man and just enjoy life. He disagreed though as he paid so much for my degree in Australia heh!

Don't worry Daddy, I will work for a few years I guess.

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  1. LOL~ My dad is different. He asked me to find a rich old man but failed. LMAO!!

  2. haha! i think this is every girl's ambition! :D

  3. bendan:
    Omg hahahaha! Don't!

    I hope mine comes true HAHAHAHA.

  4. LOL
    Stumbled upon ur blog and hehe u r funny! :)

  5. I think if you found a rich husband that loves you dearly, your father is going to be happy.. *secretly*

    Because he needs to act macho in front of his kids.. :D

  6. veendee:
    Hehe shy liao!

    Hehe trueeee! Gonna find soon!

  7. omg..find liao introduce his rich friend to me..i want rich secret bf -_-"

  8. hahahaha... like that also can! XD


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