Daorae, Ipoh

Yay another Korean Food restaurant is here in Ipoh! (I'm still in Canberra now T_T)

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant!

I thought this was greentea hehehe, but it's rice water which I don't like at all. >_<

The awesome condiments! I did not eat the black beans though, funny enough macaroni was served and kimchi has a little lack of taste.

Something weird happened though, there were 6 of us, and we ordered around 3 large dishes to share, but it seems that Daorae needs you to order a dish each. O_O What if we could not finish it? *Shakes head*

Korean Pancake! I did not dip the sauce and ate it just like that but it is still nice!

Large hotpot, with ramen, rice cakes, chicken, and other things that I forgot =/

This is the super hot pot! All mixed together! Woohoo! It was too thick for my liking though.

Rice cakes! Very squiggly and nice to the mouth. :3

Oh oh bulgogi is my favorite of all the dishes! A little sweet and it has glass noodles in it! :D

I think I can live on Korean Food forever :3

Unfortunately all of us were not in a mood for the BBQ.

Daorae Ipoh, De Garden: 605 548 2616

I miss Ipoh already :(

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  1. whooaaa looks soo good


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