I'm A Libra Now?

For the past years, I'm born a Scorpio, lived as a Scorpio, told everyone I'm a Scorpio..

But according to this article, it seems that the stars have changed and everyone's Zodiac's has been reshuffled. 

Unknowingly, I am now a Libra! T___________________________T I've never considered or pay attention to Libra and now I'm a Libra?

There's a new Zodiac Star emerging as well, and it is called the Ophiucus (November 29 till December 17). I googled for a picture and this is what I got.


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  1. same here...
    I'm a leo now.. rawr hahahah

  2. First they take away our ruling planet Pluto, then they take away our claws and killer tails and hand us balancing scales.


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