A Wrap Up Post: My 2010 :)

I've never really done a post to end the year before, and I'm going to do this year! :)

Won a desktop for mommy from Lenovo's contest

Withdrew from HELP University

Avatar-ized some bloggers

Two of my close friends got married

Went up close and personal with a group of gangsters

Suffered from the coffee effect

Did cute Big Bang chibis!

Gotten a chance to review Olympus EPL-1

Featured my cute little nephew, Denzel :D

Did mini art project with eggs

Won the Pizza Hut Big Fish Moment!

Cried too much for a movie

Died for a few seconds

Garmin Asus for my daddy

Preparing to fly off to Canberra for my degree

Cooked for myself

Had a crazy assignments schedule due to the fact that I don't have exams

And racist kids

Went to Floriade, an annual flower festival in Canberra

Volunteered for TEDxCanberra

Chipped my tooth T_T

Suffered from extreme embarrassment in the library

Got my own domain :3

And went back to Malaysia for holidays

See you guys next year! And have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Gonna spend my the last day of 2010 with my friends, food, games! :3

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  1. and do continue to blog for 2011! ur blog is one of my fav hang out spot XD

  2. u sure have a more exciting 2010 than mine T3T

  3. dori:
    Hee! You made my day!!! <3

    Pek Chek:
    Awww. I'm pretty sure 2011 will be awesome for you! :D


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